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Fifteen years ago, five individuals specialized in different fields came together and founded BINORD Our company's name is derived from the combination of these five partners' last names. This union was born out of the desire of five people, who have been successful and gained experience in many areas, to combine their strengths.


To shape the future together, we aim to lead the transformation of the business world by using technology and knowledge. While one of our primary goals is to add value to our customers and business partners, the greatest mission for BINORD is to work without ever compromising on the principles of integrity, quality, and customer focus.

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BINORD was born not only as a company but also as a product of a vision created by the coming together of these five experts. These leaders, each at the top of their respective fields, transformed BINORD into more than just an idea. Our company has become a place where knowledge and experiences from various sectors converge.

With the experience we have gained in the past and our vision for the future, BINORD continues its journey as a team that has come together to explore new horizons in the business world. We are eager to increase the value we offer to our customers and business partners.

We are BINORD.
Shaping the future together.

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